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Midrash Center

The mission of the Midrash Center for Jewish Learning of Temple Sinai is to provide Jewish learning for all members of our Temple community, no matter their age, abilities or background. We provide education to create a community of learners who can meaningfully participate in a lifetime of Jewish Peoplehood, Spirituality, Caring, Social Justice and Learning.

Educational Philosophy

The Midrash Center is committed to:

  • Employing dynamic best practices in formal and informal education;Kids with Sofer and Torah
  • Listening to the voices of trained educators, administrators, staff, lay volunteers, and students to enrich programming for all learners;
  • Crafting learning experiences to be meaningful, engaging and pleasurable;
  • Viewing the world around us through dynamic Reform Jewish lenses and welcoming conversation within and about the varieties of Jewish expression;
  • … so that the members of our community will practice a lifetime of Jewish learning.

Midrash Center Calendar

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