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“We are stronger together"

If you’d like to meet a fantastic group of women, WoTS welcomes you!

We are a 21st century sisterhood that nurtures connections among the diverse women of Temple Sinai. We embrace contemporary Jewish values through service, education, spirituality, and social events; and we enhance the Temple Sinai community.  Critically, we strengthen the voice of Jewish women worldwide through Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ).

WOTS offers vibrant, relevant opportunities for participation with a focus on sisterhood as we engage small and large groups of women in social, spiritual, educational, and service programs.  These programs offer a woman’s perspective on current cultural, social, political, and religious concerns as well as complement other Temple Sinai programs.



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Rosh Chodesh


Our Rosh Chodesh group has been meeting for 15 years in members’ homes with a mix of “founding” and newer members. We open each meeting with an introductory poem or reading, blessings for candle-lighting and wine, a summary of the month’s holidays and historic events that occurred during the month, and a bio honoring a Temple Sinai or Pittsburgh woman who died during the month. Then we get to know each other through introductions and move on to a presentation or discussion. For the past four years we’ve read and discussed short stories written by Jewish women in America, Israel and Latin America. 

For Rosh Chodesh information or story PDFs please contact Lynn Magid Lazar at [email protected] 


Rosh Chodesh Iyar: Tuesday, May 9, 2017, 7:30 PM
“Ruth Behar,” ed. Marjorie Agosín, in Uncertain Travelers: Conversations with Jewish Women Immigrants to America, ed. Marjorie Agosín, 1999, pp. 194-210.

A moving conversation between a Chilean Jewish poet and writer transplanted to America (Agosín) a Cuban Jewish anthropologist, writer and poet transplanted to America (Behar) about what it’s like to be an immigrant.


Host: Louise Mayo

Discussion Leader: Elizabeth Gordon


Rosh Chodesh Sivan: Tuesday, June 6, 2017, 7:30 PM
Poems selected by each of us.


Host: Susan Cohen

Discussion Leader: Mimi Botkin




Women, Wine and Working Wonders


Knitting, Crocheting, Adult Coloring, Crafts for donation or own projects.  Instructors in Knitting or Crocheting will be available.  Some materials will be available, but people may also supply their own.  Hats, blankets, or pictures may be given to people in need.

Contact person: Co-Chairs are Susan Cohen ([email protected] or 412-363-7745) and 
Carolyn Schwarz ( [email protected] or 412-421-1268)

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Gift Shop Spotlight

Check out this great Mah Jongg soap set!

The Gift Shop is open by appointment only during the summer.  Please contact Susan Cohen for more information or to book an appointment:  412-512-4280.

Come in and view our wide range of Judaica and gift items.  You can also create a gift registry for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, births and other occasions.  If you see something  online or elsewhere, THINK TEMPLE SINAI!  We can likely get it for you.



WoTS Scholarships


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Proposed WoTS Slate for 2016-2017  (Election to take place during the WOTS Annual Meeting June 4).

Officers and Committee Chairs

Chair:  Laura Fehl
Vice-Chair:  Susan Blackman

Corresponding Secretary:  Ellen Solomon (Arlene Smith to continue as acting if Ellen is unable to perform the duties).

Recording Secretary:  Louise Malakoff

Treasurer:  Elaine Miller

Assistant Treasurer:  Laura Arnold

Activities: Mimi Botkin, Rachel Kudrick, Carol Rosenthal, Adria Wilson

Membership:  Evelyn Pierce

Steering Committee  - New Members 

Stephanie Birnberg,  Sharon Dilworth,  Amy Gilligan,  Susan Gluckman,  Nancy Glynn,  Anita Gordon,  Adora Holstein,  Melissanne Myers, Gillian Meieran.

Steering Committee  - Returning Members  -  No Vote Needed


Marcia Baumfeld,  Lisa Botos,  Zelsa Curtis,  Rhoda Dorfzaun,  Beverly Filtz,  Louise Mayo,  Helene Pretter,  Conie Rapp, Lynn Rubenson,  Sally Schweitzer.









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