Caring Community

Compassion is at the heart of our community -- kindness to those who suffer and grieve, as well as joy with those who celebrate. Our Caring Community provides helping hands for congregants as they face some of the most challenging moments in life. We have a group of volunteers that provides Shiva support, gives rides to Temple, bakes for people celebrating the joys in the life, and more.

We can't help if we don't know who needs help, so please contact us when you or someone you care about needs care from our community. 


Torah begins and ends with  acts of caring, loving kindness.
(Talmud: Sotah 14a)


I need help or know someone who needs help.  What do I do?

The Temple Sinai Caring Committee is here to provide support to you in times of need.  If you need us, call Judy Mahan our Membership and Engagement Director at 412-421-9715 ext.110. She will share the information with the clergy and our caring coordinator.  Then we reach out to you to figure out how to help.

In the event of a death, please also call Judy Mahan, at (412) 421-9715 ext. 110.

If you need a ride to a Temple event or services, click here and complete the form.


I want to help.  What do I do?

We welcome and encourage your involvement in Temple Sinai’s Caring Community.  Service to our congregation members will fill your heart and make your connection to Temple Sinai all the more meaningful.

Our volunteers: provide Shiva support, cook meals, bake goodies, deliver Shabbat Caring Bags, provide rides to Temple,  make phone calls, knit and provide support during times of need.  Click here to read in more detail about our volunteer opportunities. 

We use the Lotsa Helping Hands website to coordinate our volunteers.  Click here to request an invitation to the website.  You will receive a confirmation of you request within 48 hours.  When we need a volunteer you will get an email from Lotsa Helping Hands describing the activity or task that we need to do.  If you are available on that day and time and are interesting in helping, you follow the links in the email to sign up to volunteer.

If you need help naviagting  the Lotsa Helping Hands website, please click here, for step-by-step instructions.


I don't have time to volunteer, but I want to help?  What can I do?

The Caring Community's budget comes directly from Temple Sinai’s Caring Community Fund. Your gift, in honor or memory of a friend or loved one, will help us to pay it forward. Please consider a donation to the Caring Community Fund so that we can continue providing support and comfort to the members of Temple Sinai.

Your gift helps:

  • Provide a meal of comfort to a bereaved family.
  • Provide ingredients for a “Cooking for Caring” session so that our freezer is always full of meals for congregants in need
  • Purchase gift bags, challahs, candles, mugs and candy for our Caring Bags.

If your gift is in honor or memory of someone, an acknowledgment card will be sent to that person.

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