About Us

YOU are welcome at Temple Sinai.

We recognize that people enter congregational life through many different doors, reflecting various personal experiences and perspectives.  Our worship is filled with prayer, meditation, music and thought-provoking teachings, and we offer an assortment of unique learning opportunities for both adults and children.  Connecting with others, discovering the warmth and joy of Shabbat in variety of worship styles , enjoying the rich learning experiences and engaging in new ways - with our neighbors, our community,  the Jewish people and the State of Israel - are just some of the things that define Temple Sinai.  
Our members represent the full spectrum of Jewish living.  While many were raised as Reform Jews, a significant number of our members come from more traditional households.  Still others are Jews-by-Choice, coming to Judaism later in life, either alone or after meeting a Jewish partner and/or raising a Jewish family.  We celebrate our LGBTQIA, multiethnic, multiracial and multicultural individuals, couples and families, and we welcome you to share in the warmth of our community. 

Interfaith families

We are a diverse community made up of families of all shapes and sizes. Interfaith families participate in all aspects of congregational life – from Religious School to Torah Study to festival celebrations, and everything in between. 

At Temple Sinai, we offer interfaith families the resources and support they need to create Jewish homes and grow in their Jewish connections. We seek to actively welcome non-Jewish partners and help them deepen their connection to the synagogue and to Jewish life. We offer conversion to Judaism as an option for those who are interested. Equally, we value the important contribution of those who choose to involve themselves in the Jewish community as non-Jews.

We encourage you to visit our community for a Shabbat service, and to be in touch with Rabbi Gibson, Rabbi Gorban and Cantor Berman to ask questions.

Everyone is welcome at Temple Sinai.

For information on conversion to Judaism, please visit our Conversion page.


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