Memorial Park


Contact: Marc Darling, Chair, [email protected]

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The Temple Sinai Memorial Park, created in 1947 to serve members of the Temple and their families, continues in its efforts to become one of the most beautiful burial grounds in the Pittsburgh area. Imbued with a tranquil and parklike atmosphere, it offers a final resting place of peace, dignity, and serenity.

A Perpetual Care Fund is in place to insure everlasting care of the Memorial Park, helping to preserve its harmonious appearance, provide ongoing maintenance of the plots, landscaping, and roads, and enhance the tranquility of these sacred grounds.

Congregational services are conducted each year at the Memorial park at High Holiday season. Our caretaker lives on the grounds, insuring constant help, access, and security. The Memorial Park is open year round for visitations Sunday through Thursday, from dawn to dusk, and closes at 3PM on Friday for Shabbat. The Memorial Park is also closed on all Jewish Holidays.

Arrangements for funerals and other needs are made through the Temple office. All services and rituals must abide by the by-laws of the Memorial Park.

Pre-need planning is encouraged. The need to purchase plots and make arrangements often comes when a family is unprepared. They must deal not only with their grief, but with the numerous details of funeral arrangements. Choosing beforehand allows for careful decisions and for consultation with other members of the family.

View map and directions to Temple Sinai Memorial Park.

Yahrzeit Plaques

“In the beginning of the year and when it ends, we remember them…
When we have joys we yearn to share, we remember them…
So long as we live, they too shall live,
for they are now a part of us, as we remember them…”

— From Yom Kippur Memorial Service liturgy

In keeping with Jewish tradition, we observe the anniversary of a loved one’s death. A Yahrzeit Plaque is a permanent reminder of the place they held in our lives. At Temple Sinai, Yahrzeit Plaques are displayed throughout the year on the Memorial Wall outside of the Leebov Sanctuary.

The contribution for a Yahrzeit Plaque is $300.00.

Please attach your check to the order form in order to complete the order. You will be notified when the plaque is received at Temple Sinai. Arrangements for a dedication of the plaque can be made at that time.

Call the Temple Sinai office at 412.421.9715 if you have any questions.